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Hell's Kitchen

Last night I almost felt bad for these people. I love to sleep, so seeing them not get any sleep really touched my heart. The final 3 were to make bread on virtually no sleep, then prep and serve dinner to an entire restaurant that, unbeknownst to them, included their families. Jessica did nothing to help with making the bread. She slept and then came out all rested and bubbly wanting to help as they were putting the last tray on the rack. Perfect timing, eh?

Then they had to make a souffle for the challenge. They were shown how, then given a tray of ingredients to make their own personal souffle. Jessica's was terrible. Ralph's didnt look great, but apparently tasted really good. Michael's wasnt sweet enough. In the in, Ralph won his first challenge. But instead of going out with Ramsey to a posh dinner or something extravagant, his reward was to choose the who would be cooking what entree item for their original dinner. Ralph chose beef for himself, Michael chose tuna and Jessica was stuck with chicken. Then they had 10 minutes to come up with an original entree using only what is in the kitchen. Ralph went with filet mignon, Michael a pecan crusted seared tuna steak and Jessica goat cheese stuffed steamed chicken roll up thing.

Then the pressure was on. The families were upstairs so the chef's could not see them. While the starters and entress were going everything was great. Everyone kept the plates moving. Then the desserts started and Jessica lost it. She couldnt figure out how to manage her chicken dinners and her dessert station. Finally, the entrees were complete and Michael was able to help with the desserts. For the first time in HK, an entire restaurant was served all 3 courses and nothing was sent back to the kitchen.

Elimination was chosen by the families. They had been given each dish to taste and then said which one they liked best. After a tearful and happy segment of everyone seeing their loved ones, the hammer started to fall. First up was Ralph's family who unanimously liked Michael's tuna. Next was Jessica's family that split 3 ways (bringing the totals to Michael 4, Ralph 1, Jess 1), Michael's team when 2 beef and 1 tuna. Grand total: Michael 5, Ralph 3, Jess 1. Jessica was sent home with her family.

Now we are down to the 2 guys. IMO, Michael is the obvious winner, but ya never know. Personally, I dont like Ralph and dont want to see him win. Next week's season finale looks to be awesome!
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