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Last night was eviction night and HOH competition. I was shocked when Eric started talking about how maybe he wanted to keep Michael. WTF? Dude, seriously make up your mind. But obviously, even though everyone seemed to concur that it was a good idea, they all still voted Michael out. All except 1. Hmmm...was that 1 vote Kaysar? Someone else? They didnt show the votes, so we may never know. I gotta say, Kaysar's diary room speil and his goodbye tape to Michael certainly made it sound like her turned on him.

The whole "is everyone okay now" question about the arguments from Julie didnt seem to be *honesly* answered, imo. Everyone gave the generic "oh yeah, we apologized and moved on from it", but I dont feel like they are as buddy buddy as they are acting. Specially when it comes to Ivette and Kaysar. I have a feeling their is still a lot of dislike going on there that will very likely surface again before the show is over.

Kaysar kept track of his, that is, to win the tie breaker in the HOH competition. Considering he has kinda gotten a raw deal and lotsa standoffishness from the group, this will be a nice break for him. I believe he will most definitely put Eric up, but who will he place in the second chair? Maybe Maggie because that is Eric's partner? Or Ivette because he cant stand her? I dont really care either way, most likely whoever is put up against Eric will go because it seems Eric has lotsa in the house. I dont know much about Maggie, she seems quiet, but her fashion sense needs to go. Coming from the person with the least fashion sense in this room (me), that is sad. I really dont care for Ivette. She has the whole "I'm Latin so I can be a bitch" thing going on and just seems too full of herself. I also dont like her teeth.:-P I personally still wanna see Janelle go home because I'm bitter over her Barbie looks.
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