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I have been so bad about keeping up with this community. Its not that I'm not watching the shows, its just I usually watch them so long after they have aired, or I'm too busy to write down any thoughts about them.

Survivor: I'm glad to see Steph's team finally start winning some stuff. Judd is an ass and needs to be the first one voted off now that the teams have merged. However I fear that either Jaime or Bobby Jon will be 1st because I dont think they are going to get along too well and that may make the other tribe members think "lets get rid of this stress". I dont want Bobby Jon to leave just because he is so damn cute. Those slightly bucked teeth are to die for. *swoon* Ahem, anyway. It will be interesting to see how things go once they merge. It was a bit disheartening to see Gary turn on Amy, but it was best that she go home and get some treatment for her ankle rather than keep pushing herself and make it worse. Speaking of making things worse, what the hell is up with those sores on Bobby Jon and the farmer guy??? Those look so gross. And then BJ was in the pool and the minnows were trying to eat at the wound. *shudder* Ewwww! Super G-R-O-S-S!!! Someone please give those boys some Neosporin.

Amazing Race: Yes, Gary, The Weavers are still in it. Ha! But everyone hates them. I havent quite figured out why. I dont remember seeing any specific turning point where they did something to piss everyone off. Please enlighten me! I was shocked the Dysfunctional Brooklyn family made it to first place. I wanna slap all of them around a bit just because they wont stop fighting with each other. And we knew this last time would be non-elimination, which means tonight someone is going home. The girls were smart to layer on their clothes, but you know what that means. Next season, they'll throw in some rule that you can only keep one of each article of clothing (1 shirt, 1 pants, 1 shorts, 1 underwear, etc.). You know its coming.

Real World: I know the season is over, but I am just now catching up via OnDemand. The last one I watched Wes (the ugly guy) wanted to make Johanna jealous by sleeping with some random chick. Ew! The thing is, the random chick was really pretty. I dunno why she lowered her standards to hook up with Wes. Maybe it had to do with the cameras or something. Wes is just fugly! I guess he hasnt considered that is why Jo wont sleep with him. And Jo aint to bright either because she has this totally hot bartender guy being Mr. Romance to her and she is pushing him away. Idiot. I dont understand people and shows like this make me worry about the human race.

Of course Ghost Hunters is over. Their season finale was awesome! They actually captured a full-body image on the thermal cams. It was incredible. I was so stoked for them. Now its over for prolly a year. That is sooooo long to wait. :(

The only other show (besides Maury, Judge Alex and Peoples Court) that we keep up with on the reality circuit is Extreme Dodgeball. Nothing much to report on that at this time since we havent caught up on the episodes in a week or so. Should be getting close to the finals, though.
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