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I hate Jenn! I hate Jenn! Let me say that again: I. Hate. Jenn.

And I want to slap Kaysar, he should NOT have given her that HOH. Hello! You were just kicked out the week before, do you really think anyone can be trusted? You havent found out the whole story and what is really going on and all. He should have held on. I cannot believe he is now going to walk out the door AGAIN because of this crap. Grr!

And now James is sitting pretty. He whined all week about being backdoored and its not even him now. It makes me sick! It does. I really wanted Kaysar to stay in the game. I dont even know which way James will vote. Most likely he will be gunning to get Kaysar back out the door.

Jenn is evil. She needs to go home next week. How can her own team even trust her now seeing how easy it is for her to lie and backstab? How do they know she wont do the same thing to them? It will be interesting to see what happens when it comes down to the final 6.

And I still cant believe The Friendship doesnt feel threatened by Ivette's relationship with James after she pled his case for him all week. The whole house agrees to get this guy out and she was the only one on his side. Wouldnt that make you nervous?

I dont want to see Kaysar leave! *pouts and stamps feet* I dont! I dont! I dont!
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