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Big Brother 6

Now Kaysar is gone and the target is on James. From both sides! And I wonder how Kaysar feels about knowing almost everyone in the house, except James, voted him out, including his own team.

And now Howie is HOH. To me he was one of the least expected to win because of his goofy nature. Its easy to forget he is playing a game and not just playing around. He could make it to the end like that.

The next twist was revealed last night. An evicted houseguest will be returning to the game via our vote! Michael, Eric or Kaysar will be walking back through the front door next Thursday night. Apparently Ashlea chose to leave the sequestor house and thus is out of the game completely (which seemed to concern Janelle).

Who do you want to see back in the house?

Personally, either Eric or Kaysar coming back would stir up trouble. However, I think Kaysar coming back would cause the most drama. After all, he now has his loyal sheep just like Eric does. Even though I doubt anyone on his team is pulling an "ivette" and boohoo wahing over him being gone. I swear, if she doesnt stop crying "cappy this" and "cappy that" I'm gonna puke. He is just a man, not a god or even a celebrity. Stop with the hero worship already. Sheesh.

I wont see tomorrow nights episode until Sunday because of work, but it will be fun to see how Howie takes to being HOH.
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As I said on the voice mail of CBS last night (heh) I think Eric would be the better choice.

Michael or Kaysar would just put things back the way they were a week before. Eric would change the dynamic of the house - at least until the following week when he was booted!

all three of them annoy me though!*g*