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Hell's Kitchen

The finale was awesome last night. It started off with the restaurant being divided and then each person having the chance to create their own restaurant from scratch.

Ralph did an italian steakhouse/bistro idea. Bright reds and oranges with brick accents. They even got to choose how their waistaff would dress. He went with black and red, pants for men, skirts for women. Ramsey was impressed with the coziness of the colors, but not with the outfits, saying the women looked like grannies. For his menu, he went with a porterhouse steak for 2 as his signature dish. They even had to name their restuarant and Ralph went with Frank & Lulu's after his dog and his friends dog.

Michael was the complete opposite going for a subdued modern look to his restaurant with cool toned wood and black and silver accents. His men were dress in black on black, the women black on black pants with ties for a unisex look. Ramsey said his atmosphere might be a bit too modern, but he really liked the outfits. Michael's signature dish was a braised shortrib. For Michael's name he chose Lola Pop, after his wife. Awww.

Speaking of the signature dishes, Ramsey told them to make theirs and then they headed for the streets. After grabbing several people off the street to try each dish, Michael's won by getting twice as many votes as Ralph's. Despite Ralph's used car salesman attitude of trying to "sell" his dish.

Back at homebase, the next challenge was a dress rehearsal. They had to take turns on the hotplate while the other cooked with Ramsey's soux chefs. They were cooking for the construction crew (must be a CA thing, because I know no construction crews here that would eat crab risotto). Michael had some trouble because he is very soft-spoken and so barking out orders was a bit hard for him. However, he decided to play a trick and use Ralph's rushing against him by making crab risotto sans crab. Ralph sent it out and it was sent back. By a construction worker!!! How insulting, hehe. So Ramsey laid into Ralph for not tasting the dishes to be sure they are perfect before sending them out.

Along the way, there were a few hitches with each sides construction. Ralph's wallpaper almost didnt make it and Michael's booths were late. I think these were obviously fabricated by Ramsey/producers to see how they worked under pressure.

Then they were introduced to their new kitchen staff. Ramsey introduced them as chefs who have work by his side in the past. And indeed they have, only not how Michael and Ralph imagined, I'm sure. Around the corner came the former contestants, well, not all of them, only 6 of them. Dewberry, Andrew, Wendy, Jimmy, Elsie and Jessica. Michael got to pick first because he had won the Street Sampling challenge earlier. He chose Jessica, I think more for spite to Ralph than because he really wanted her. Then Ralph chose Andrew. Then Michael chose Jimmy. Then Ralph chose Wendy. Then Michael went with Elsie (finally, even Ramsey was shocked she was next to last picked). And in the end Ralph was stuck with Dewberry.

The teams were briefed on the new style, menu, etc by their new Chefs. In not so many ways it was obvious the teams didnt really care who won, but they put forth a fairly good effort anyway. Ralph had 2 disasters on his team. Before dinner, during prep Andrew cut his thumb and had to go to the ER for stitches. He barely made it back before dinner started. Then during dinner, Dewberry started to feel faint and had to go sit down, causing Ralph to pick up the slack by being on the line instead of at the hotplate. Several times Jean Pierre...oops...Phillipe (hehe) got frustrated with him for not picking up the tickets.

In the end, everyone was served. Although, Michael was not without his problems. He had a steak returned for being too rare and a pumpkin dish with plastic in it. Ewww! His biggest problem was Jessica not showing him any respect and instead spending most of her time fighting with Elsie. I felt bad for him because I feel like she was being a bitch just because she wasnt on Ralph's team.

In the end, Michael and Ralph were brought up to the balcony before 2 doors. One would open, one would not. He dragged on about how difficult the decision was and how it came down to the percentage of customers who would return. He explained that for Michael's LA style restaurant they had used people from LA, for Ralph's NYC steakhouse, they flew people form NYC. One restaurant had a 90% return rate, however the other had a 94%. It was clear whose restaurant that was as they turned the handles to their doors and Michael's swung open freely while Ralph was stopped in his tracks.

But that wasnt the end. There was family, friends, hugs, kisses, confetti, champagne, the works! Then Ramsey decided he really liked Michael. He didnt want to lose that talent. So he called for quiet and offered Michael the opportunity to move to London and study under Ramsey himself at the most famous restaurant in the world (so famous they didnt even say the name). After a moments consideration Michael accepted.

I have not heard if there will be another season. I sure hope so!
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