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Saturday's episode was nomination/food night. I have no idea what James is thinking trying to crawl back to the old alliance that is obviously no more. He is only making himself that much more of a target. Its like he is bringing attention to the fact that he deserted Eric and the original group. He needs to stop putting his foot in his mouth.

Howie was completely flabbergasted with trying not to lie to Maggie with him and Rachel in the HOH room. Of course they can promise not to put Maggie up next week, if anyone is smart they would be going after the pairs. Maggie has no pair. Leave her alone for a week or so til its all singletons.

So, James and Kaysar are on the chopping block. Are we surprised? No. If one comes off, its pretty easy to see who to put up in their place. Kaysar comes off, put up Sarah. James comes off, put up Janelle. That is my thought. But if they stay as they are, who will walk out the door? Hmmm... I would say James, he has a partner, plus I think he is getting on a lot of people's nerves and doesnt look very loyal to his team. Kaysar could win this game. Being put up against people making bigger waves than you is a good way to stay in the game.

Food competition was retro'd to the Match Game, which I used to adore watching and still do on Game Show Network. Luckily, every day was won including the special prize which was not edible. It was numbers. To the safe in the gold room. After many attempts the safe was opened to reveal a platter of moldy pb&j sandwiches. EWWW! Okay, it wasnt all bad because in one of them was a PB&J pass that means the holder never has to eat pb&j again. Janelle was the lucky winner! But each week she can choose to give it to someone else and spare them pb&j. Sounds like a good tool to convince people to keep you in the game.

Tomorrow night is Veto.
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