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Last night's BB saw Eric walking out the big double doors. It was amusing to see all of Maggie's "friends" vote for her to leave over Eric and all the people that don't like her vote for her to stay. I wonder if she will figure that out. Hmmm...

The official announcement of the pairs came out. I really wanted them to go into more detail about how long and how they knew each other. Since April and Jenn are lying and saying they hardly know each other. I really wanted to see them get busted. And of course Ivette and Beau were busted since they never really fessed up to knowing each other. I wonder how that will play out. And even if April and Jenn stick by their story of "we dont really know each other so we arent a team because we could care less about each other" it still wont fly because you arent seriously going to backstab someone that could potentially win you $1mil. I hope those 2 teams are reamed by the others that trusted them and labeled liars. Even tho that is the name of the game, still they should be seen as less trustworthy than those that came out and said they were together. At least that is how I would feel if I were in the house.

I'm hella impressed with Kaysar stirring things up. He drew the lines in the sand. Everyone is obviously on a side. This is truly a house divided with no one playing the swing vote. However, now that Maggie is HOH (how ironic is that, from chopping block to the top in a *snap*) Kaysar might as well line his neck up with the guillotine. Or should he????

If Maggie is smart she will put up pairs and not Kaysar this week. Why? Because no matter who you put Kaysar against, there is still a majority on his side, so the other person would be leaving, not him. But would putting a pair up be the best thing? long as you ensure one of them does not get the Veto, its a perfect plan. Its very tricky this week. If Maggie were to put up say Sarah and James, they both play, each picking someone from their alliance (prolly howie and kaysar), then Maggie and her partner have less of a chance of winning Veto. If one of the 4 from the alliance wins they will take one of them off, but how will they decide which one? And then that person wont go up, but surely one of the other alliance people will. Ex. Kaysar wins, takes off James, Howie goes up against Sarah. Who would the majority vote to keep in?

*squee* This is getting good!!!
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