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Ghost Hunters & Master Blasters

I am so glad Ghost Hunters is back on. This show is so cool. Last season they worked out of a trailer on Jason's property. Now they have an actual office that looks to be in downtown. I love the paintings/pictures they put up in the office. They are all really cool shots of the places they have investigated. Its awesome to see them grow like this. They also got huge vans with equipment bolted into them so they can have a "mobile unit", plus several SUV's for traveling.

And did they need them! They were called by a lady that works at Myrtle Plantation (I think that was the name), a very famous haunted inn in New Orleans. The place was magnificent. The stories were amazing. What was even more incredible was that they actually caught footage of paranormal activity! It was awesome.

After Ghost Hunters was Master Blasters. Its a show where basically amatuers make and launch rockets in a competition. Last night the competition was to make a house with Dorothy on/in it and a witch. The house had to reach the highest altitude, spin at least 3 times, Dorothy and the house had to stay in tact and the witch had to be thrown free. There was a trophy and a bet involved. Losing team had to dress up like Wizard of Oz characters and skip through the field arm in arm.

The Master Blasters won, of course, hehe, but only because they had the highest altitude. Both groups rotated at least 3 times, but neither one were able to prevent their house from crashing to the ground. In both cases the parachute line snapped the houses were destroyed, along with Dorothy and the Witch, heh.

Next week's challenge is Lawn Darts. They are to create 5 rocket lawn darts and then try to launch them and have them hit a target in the field. Should be pretty cool to see!
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