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Now that Kaysar is HOH he has been kinda interviewing people to see who thinks who should be on the block this week. The interview with James will be James's downfall. Not only did he deny being in cahoots with Sarah, but he fabricated some bizarre story to cover himself. When that comes out Thursday night, its going to bite him in the ass if he isnt evicted. Kaysar also put Maggie on the block for the simple reason of pissing off Eric. I'm not sure that was too bright, but we shall see. It just seems to me, Kaysar is trying to stir things up more than win the game. He wont last another week unless a) Janelle or Howie get HOH or b) someone else makes themselves a bigger target.

Food competition resulted in PB&J for the week. All because people cant friggin' spell! I know I screw up my spelling sometimes (damn you MS Word), but in school I was in spelling bee's and always top of the class with vocabulary. And its not like people dont ever see these words. Maybe I just watch too much FoodTV, heh.

And the big secret from Ivette came out. She's a lesbian. Big deal!!! Why is she acting like they would immediately send her packing if they knew that??? I dont think any of them are so close-minded or set in the stoneage to view her being a lesbian as some horrible thing that deems her not worthy of playing the game. Its just bizarre. And again with the lying thing, just like with James, when this comes out its going to make her less trustworthy and bite her in ass.

I am very anxious to see how the house is reacting to the nominees. And if Maggie picks Eric as her partner and he wins, what will happen?
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