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Amazing Race: Family Edition

We finally watched the premier episode from last week. Because it was 2 hours, we had to record this weeks episode, but at least we have seen something, heh.

So far I really like it. I have picked my faves as the Gaghan Family (the marathon runners with the adorable kids), the Linz family (3 brothers (twins seem to be popular on this show) and a sister) and the Bransen family (3 sisters and a dad). The team I like the least, actually downright cant stand, is the Paolo family. OMG they are so annoying! All they do is fight and are rude to each other. I was really hoping they would be eliminated first, but alas its not happening. I'm also not terribly fond of the Rogers family because the dad is one of those "men run everything" types, his wife barely said 2 words during the interviews. It was amusing that his son's accent is so southern that he had to be subtitled, hehe. Of course the Weaver family holds a special place for me because they are from Florida. I feel bad about the story of the loss of their dad and they seem to be a really put together family that is working well. They could move into my fave spot very easily.

Right now its too early to pick a clear cut winner. I cant wait to see the next episode.
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