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Quick Update

I know I havent used this community in a while, but here is a quick recap of what's been going on with what I have been watching.

BB is getting very exciting as it approaches its finale next week. Mark your calendars! Tuesday the 20th is the big night. I was hoping for a big party, but with the move, I doubt we will manage that. Oh well, should still be fun to watch anyway.

I managed to follow CFC2 to the end as well as Hogan Knows Best. Hogan was a surprisingly funny show to watch. I'm sure I will keep up with next season, too.

Surreal Life I just havent managed to stick with. Janice is so damn annoying that it hurts my brain to watch the show. She needs to be locked in a room with videos of bitchy self for an indefinite amount of time. I'm not sure who is set for next season to know if I will bother watching it.

I watched the premiere of My Fair Brady. This takes Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) and Adrienne Curry (some model chick) from last season's Surreal Life and follows them in their relationship that has formed since the show. I dont think I will keep up with this show. Chris is adorable, but Adrienne is gross. I really dont know what he sees in her. Even her phone-sex style voice was getting on my nerves by the middle of the show. He deserves better that Ms. Burps-a-lot.

I recorded the premire of Breaking Bonaducie (the kid from Partridge Family), but havent watched it yet. Not sure what to expect, but I figured I'd tape it anyway.

I totally dropped out of Real World because it clashed with something else, however now that I have the ability to series record, I can pick it up. Same for 70's House. Both of these I really wanna catch up on.

There is a new judge show on our local channel 4 and I'm recording that today to see if its as good as Texas Justice which has moved to channel 5. I havent heard much about it, but I figured what the heck.

Survivor starts this week. I am working Thursday night, so PLEASE do NOT post about it unless there is a cut since I will most likely not get to watch it until Friday afternoon or maybe even Saturday.

Okay, that's it in a nutshell.
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