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I watched Tuesdays episode just before last nights episode. Here is my recap.

Tuesday was veto night, as always. The contest was to put a certain number of candy into a pinata and whose evers had the closest to 20 w/o going over, won. The smart thing would of course for everyone to put all their candy in Sarah and James's pinatas, but even though most of the players thought of that, none actually did it! James won the veto AGAIN! I have no idea how he keeps pulling this off.

So, with him having the veto you would think it would be a really hard decision. A loving person would be torn between saving themselves and saving the one they love. But not James. No, James had his greedy little mind set from the beginning to throw Sarah to the wolves while he stayed around to play the game.

Throughout the episode there was lots of arguing and lying on the part of James. He continually denied everthing to Howie, Rachel and Janelle. When confronted by Sarah, he confessed to her only. She was pissed and rightly so! He screwed up everything by trying to play both sides and as his girlfriend she is automatically in the line of fire, too.

Once James won veto the discussion turned to who to put up in his place. As both teams work together to get rid of James and Sarah, the first person to volunteer as a pawn was April. She quickly changed her mind and suggested that Ivette go up because April didnt want James saying bad things about her for the rest of the week. Ivette got mad and said she didnt care, but April volunteered first, yada yada. April went to everyone, but Maggie and Ivette, and told them about how close James and Ivette seem to be and suggested maybe they should actually get rid of Ivette instead of Sarah. This plan might have worked if Jenn didnt blab it to Maggie. Maggie freaked and went to Ivette. In the end, Ivette was put up as the pawn instead of April.

Also going on was the tye dye shirt thing. Everyone was allowed to make shirts to advertise who they wanted to win the America's Choice. James and Sarah didnt put anyone but themselves on the shirts. Janelle put Michael, everyone else went with Kaysar or Eric.

Now for last night. Ivette was still freaking about being on the block. Specially when Howie said it was because she was a threat, not because she was a pawn. Tempers still flared a bit between April and Ivette, but in the end Sarah only had James's vote and left the house.

Shortly after that, it was time for America's Choice. Julie talked to the 3 guys for a bit before announcing the top 2. Eric and Kaysar. Duh! With 82% of the vote, Kaysar went back into the house. He was mauled at the door, so much so they had to pick him up off the ground. It was funny. I am so hoping Howie, Rachel and Janie can get to him before James does. He needs to know what James has been doing since he left and he doesnt need James trying to give his side of the story first.

The show ended with everyone in a box for HOH. Looked like a green house, which why I'm thinking its called Pressure Cooker. Everyone has to press a button and hold it down until they are ready to leave, but at least 3 people have to let go for the door to open. Also, there are boxes in the box. Everytime someone gives up, they have to open a box. Julie magically opened the first one, it was flies! Beau was freaking out. I cant wait til I see Saturday's episode to know who wins. :)
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