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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
4:40 am
Big Brother: Livejournal 3
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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
12:57 pm
I have been so bad about keeping up with this community. Its not that I'm not watching the shows, its just I usually watch them so long after they have aired, or I'm too busy to write down any thoughts about them.

Survivor: I'm glad to see Steph's team finally start winning some stuff. Judd is an ass and needs to be the first one voted off now that the teams have merged. However I fear that either Jaime or Bobby Jon will be 1st because I dont think they are going to get along too well and that may make the other tribe members think "lets get rid of this stress". I dont want Bobby Jon to leave just because he is so damn cute. Those slightly bucked teeth are to die for. *swoon* Ahem, anyway. It will be interesting to see how things go once they merge. It was a bit disheartening to see Gary turn on Amy, but it was best that she go home and get some treatment for her ankle rather than keep pushing herself and make it worse. Speaking of making things worse, what the hell is up with those sores on Bobby Jon and the farmer guy??? Those look so gross. And then BJ was in the pool and the minnows were trying to eat at the wound. *shudder* Ewwww! Super G-R-O-S-S!!! Someone please give those boys some Neosporin.

Amazing Race: Yes, Gary, The Weavers are still in it. Ha! But everyone hates them. I havent quite figured out why. I dont remember seeing any specific turning point where they did something to piss everyone off. Please enlighten me! I was shocked the Dysfunctional Brooklyn family made it to first place. I wanna slap all of them around a bit just because they wont stop fighting with each other. And we knew this last time would be non-elimination, which means tonight someone is going home. The girls were smart to layer on their clothes, but you know what that means. Next season, they'll throw in some rule that you can only keep one of each article of clothing (1 shirt, 1 pants, 1 shorts, 1 underwear, etc.). You know its coming.

Real World: I know the season is over, but I am just now catching up via OnDemand. The last one I watched Wes (the ugly guy) wanted to make Johanna jealous by sleeping with some random chick. Ew! The thing is, the random chick was really pretty. I dunno why she lowered her standards to hook up with Wes. Maybe it had to do with the cameras or something. Wes is just fugly! I guess he hasnt considered that is why Jo wont sleep with him. And Jo aint to bright either because she has this totally hot bartender guy being Mr. Romance to her and she is pushing him away. Idiot. I dont understand people and shows like this make me worry about the human race.

Of course Ghost Hunters is over. Their season finale was awesome! They actually captured a full-body image on the thermal cams. It was incredible. I was so stoked for them. Now its over for prolly a year. That is sooooo long to wait. :(

The only other show (besides Maury, Judge Alex and Peoples Court) that we keep up with on the reality circuit is Extreme Dodgeball. Nothing much to report on that at this time since we havent caught up on the episodes in a week or so. Should be getting close to the finals, though.

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
11:53 am
Can someone please shoot the Weaver family
not much that's not in the subject line. I just want them off my tv.
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
12:11 am
Not sure if this is allowed here but here it goes. I am hosting season five of onlinesurvivor which is an Internet based version of the reality show Survivor. If anyone here is interested in joining check out the info and the application here. This is my first time hosting but I have played in the past and it is a lot of fun. It really is very similar to the show without the starving but with all the backstabbing and alliances and fun challenges. I hope to see some of you join. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
10:03 am
Amazing Race: Family Edition
We finally watched the premier episode from last week. Because it was 2 hours, we had to record this weeks episode, but at least we have seen something, heh.

So far I really like it. I have picked my faves as the Gaghan Family (the marathon runners with the adorable kids), the Linz family (3 brothers (twins seem to be popular on this show) and a sister) and the Bransen family (3 sisters and a dad). The team I like the least, actually downright cant stand, is the Paolo family. OMG they are so annoying! All they do is fight and are rude to each other. I was really hoping they would be eliminated first, but alas its not happening. I'm also not terribly fond of the Rogers family because the dad is one of those "men run everything" types, his wife barely said 2 words during the interviews. It was amusing that his son's accent is so southern that he had to be subtitled, hehe. Of course the Weaver family holds a special place for me because they are from Florida. I feel bad about the story of the loss of their dad and they seem to be a really put together family that is working well. They could move into my fave spot very easily.

Right now its too early to pick a clear cut winner. I cant wait to see the next episode.

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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
8:51 am
Quick Update
I know I havent used this community in a while, but here is a quick recap of what's been going on with what I have been watching.

BB is getting very exciting as it approaches its finale next week. Mark your calendars! Tuesday the 20th is the big night. I was hoping for a big party, but with the move, I doubt we will manage that. Oh well, should still be fun to watch anyway.

I managed to follow CFC2 to the end as well as Hogan Knows Best. Hogan was a surprisingly funny show to watch. I'm sure I will keep up with next season, too.

Surreal Life I just havent managed to stick with. Janice is so damn annoying that it hurts my brain to watch the show. She needs to be locked in a room with videos of bitchy self for an indefinite amount of time. I'm not sure who is set for next season to know if I will bother watching it.

I watched the premiere of My Fair Brady. This takes Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) and Adrienne Curry (some model chick) from last season's Surreal Life and follows them in their relationship that has formed since the show. I dont think I will keep up with this show. Chris is adorable, but Adrienne is gross. I really dont know what he sees in her. Even her phone-sex style voice was getting on my nerves by the middle of the show. He deserves better that Ms. Burps-a-lot.

I recorded the premire of Breaking Bonaducie (the kid from Partridge Family), but havent watched it yet. Not sure what to expect, but I figured I'd tape it anyway.

I totally dropped out of Real World because it clashed with something else, however now that I have the ability to series record, I can pick it up. Same for 70's House. Both of these I really wanna catch up on.

There is a new judge show on our local channel 4 and I'm recording that today to see if its as good as Texas Justice which has moved to channel 5. I havent heard much about it, but I figured what the heck.

Survivor starts this week. I am working Thursday night, so PLEASE do NOT post about it unless there is a cut since I will most likely not get to watch it until Friday afternoon or maybe even Saturday.

Okay, that's it in a nutshell.

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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
1:54 pm
I hate Jenn! I hate Jenn! Let me say that again: I. Hate. Jenn.

And I want to slap Kaysar, he should NOT have given her that HOH. Hello! You were just kicked out the week before, do you really think anyone can be trusted? You havent found out the whole story and what is really going on and all. He should have held on. I cannot believe he is now going to walk out the door AGAIN because of this crap. Grr!

And now James is sitting pretty. He whined all week about being backdoored and its not even him now. It makes me sick! It does. I really wanted Kaysar to stay in the game. I dont even know which way James will vote. Most likely he will be gunning to get Kaysar back out the door.

Jenn is evil. She needs to go home next week. How can her own team even trust her now seeing how easy it is for her to lie and backstab? How do they know she wont do the same thing to them? It will be interesting to see what happens when it comes down to the final 6.

And I still cant believe The Friendship doesnt feel threatened by Ivette's relationship with James after she pled his case for him all week. The whole house agrees to get this guy out and she was the only one on his side. Wouldnt that make you nervous?

I dont want to see Kaysar leave! *pouts and stamps feet* I dont! I dont! I dont!
Friday, August 12th, 2005
11:02 am
I watched Tuesdays episode just before last nights episode. Here is my recap.

Tuesday was veto night, as always. The contest was to put a certain number of candy into a pinata and whose evers had the closest to 20 w/o going over, won. The smart thing would of course for everyone to put all their candy in Sarah and James's pinatas, but even though most of the players thought of that, none actually did it! James won the veto AGAIN! I have no idea how he keeps pulling this off.

So, with him having the veto you would think it would be a really hard decision. A loving person would be torn between saving themselves and saving the one they love. But not James. No, James had his greedy little mind set from the beginning to throw Sarah to the wolves while he stayed around to play the game.

Throughout the episode there was lots of arguing and lying on the part of James. He continually denied everthing to Howie, Rachel and Janelle. When confronted by Sarah, he confessed to her only. She was pissed and rightly so! He screwed up everything by trying to play both sides and as his girlfriend she is automatically in the line of fire, too.

Once James won veto the discussion turned to who to put up in his place. As both teams work together to get rid of James and Sarah, the first person to volunteer as a pawn was April. She quickly changed her mind and suggested that Ivette go up because April didnt want James saying bad things about her for the rest of the week. Ivette got mad and said she didnt care, but April volunteered first, yada yada. April went to everyone, but Maggie and Ivette, and told them about how close James and Ivette seem to be and suggested maybe they should actually get rid of Ivette instead of Sarah. This plan might have worked if Jenn didnt blab it to Maggie. Maggie freaked and went to Ivette. In the end, Ivette was put up as the pawn instead of April.

Also going on was the tye dye shirt thing. Everyone was allowed to make shirts to advertise who they wanted to win the America's Choice. James and Sarah didnt put anyone but themselves on the shirts. Janelle put Michael, everyone else went with Kaysar or Eric.

Now for last night. Ivette was still freaking about being on the block. Specially when Howie said it was because she was a threat, not because she was a pawn. Tempers still flared a bit between April and Ivette, but in the end Sarah only had James's vote and left the house.

Shortly after that, it was time for America's Choice. Julie talked to the 3 guys for a bit before announcing the top 2. Eric and Kaysar. Duh! With 82% of the vote, Kaysar went back into the house. He was mauled at the door, so much so they had to pick him up off the ground. It was funny. I am so hoping Howie, Rachel and Janie can get to him before James does. He needs to know what James has been doing since he left and he doesnt need James trying to give his side of the story first.

The show ended with everyone in a box for HOH. Looked like a green house, which why I'm thinking its called Pressure Cooker. Everyone has to press a button and hold it down until they are ready to leave, but at least 3 people have to let go for the door to open. Also, there are boxes in the box. Everytime someone gives up, they have to open a box. Julie magically opened the first one, it was flies! Beau was freaking out. I cant wait til I see Saturday's episode to know who wins. :)
Friday, August 5th, 2005
8:24 am
Big Brother 6
Now Kaysar is gone and the target is on James. From both sides! And I wonder how Kaysar feels about knowing almost everyone in the house, except James, voted him out, including his own team.

And now Howie is HOH. To me he was one of the least expected to win because of his goofy nature. Its easy to forget he is playing a game and not just playing around. He could make it to the end like that.

The next twist was revealed last night. An evicted houseguest will be returning to the game via our vote! Michael, Eric or Kaysar will be walking back through the front door next Thursday night. Apparently Ashlea chose to leave the sequestor house and thus is out of the game completely (which seemed to concern Janelle).

Who do you want to see back in the house?

Personally, either Eric or Kaysar coming back would stir up trouble. However, I think Kaysar coming back would cause the most drama. After all, he now has his loyal sheep just like Eric does. Even though I doubt anyone on his team is pulling an "ivette" and boohoo wahing over him being gone. I swear, if she doesnt stop crying "cappy this" and "cappy that" I'm gonna puke. He is just a man, not a god or even a celebrity. Stop with the hero worship already. Sheesh.

I wont see tomorrow nights episode until Sunday because of work, but it will be fun to see how Howie takes to being HOH.

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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
2:00 pm
Hell's Kitchen
The finale was awesome last night. It started off with the restaurant being divided and then each person having the chance to create their own restaurant from scratch.

Ralph did an italian steakhouse/bistro idea. Bright reds and oranges with brick accents. They even got to choose how their waistaff would dress. He went with black and red, pants for men, skirts for women. Ramsey was impressed with the coziness of the colors, but not with the outfits, saying the women looked like grannies. For his menu, he went with a porterhouse steak for 2 as his signature dish. They even had to name their restuarant and Ralph went with Frank & Lulu's after his dog and his friends dog.

Michael was the complete opposite going for a subdued modern look to his restaurant with cool toned wood and black and silver accents. His men were dress in black on black, the women black on black pants with ties for a unisex look. Ramsey said his atmosphere might be a bit too modern, but he really liked the outfits. Michael's signature dish was a braised shortrib. For Michael's name he chose Lola Pop, after his wife. Awww.

Speaking of the signature dishes, Ramsey told them to make theirs and then they headed for the streets. After grabbing several people off the street to try each dish, Michael's won by getting twice as many votes as Ralph's. Despite Ralph's used car salesman attitude of trying to "sell" his dish.

Back at homebase, the next challenge was a dress rehearsal. They had to take turns on the hotplate while the other cooked with Ramsey's soux chefs. They were cooking for the construction crew (must be a CA thing, because I know no construction crews here that would eat crab risotto). Michael had some trouble because he is very soft-spoken and so barking out orders was a bit hard for him. However, he decided to play a trick and use Ralph's rushing against him by making crab risotto sans crab. Ralph sent it out and it was sent back. By a construction worker!!! How insulting, hehe. So Ramsey laid into Ralph for not tasting the dishes to be sure they are perfect before sending them out.

Along the way, there were a few hitches with each sides construction. Ralph's wallpaper almost didnt make it and Michael's booths were late. I think these were obviously fabricated by Ramsey/producers to see how they worked under pressure.

Then they were introduced to their new kitchen staff. Ramsey introduced them as chefs who have work by his side in the past. And indeed they have, only not how Michael and Ralph imagined, I'm sure. Around the corner came the former contestants, well, not all of them, only 6 of them. Dewberry, Andrew, Wendy, Jimmy, Elsie and Jessica. Michael got to pick first because he had won the Street Sampling challenge earlier. He chose Jessica, I think more for spite to Ralph than because he really wanted her. Then Ralph chose Andrew. Then Michael chose Jimmy. Then Ralph chose Wendy. Then Michael went with Elsie (finally, even Ramsey was shocked she was next to last picked). And in the end Ralph was stuck with Dewberry.

The teams were briefed on the new style, menu, etc by their new Chefs. In not so many ways it was obvious the teams didnt really care who won, but they put forth a fairly good effort anyway. Ralph had 2 disasters on his team. Before dinner, during prep Andrew cut his thumb and had to go to the ER for stitches. He barely made it back before dinner started. Then during dinner, Dewberry started to feel faint and had to go sit down, causing Ralph to pick up the slack by being on the line instead of at the hotplate. Several times Jean Pierre...oops...Phillipe (hehe) got frustrated with him for not picking up the tickets.

In the end, everyone was served. Although, Michael was not without his problems. He had a steak returned for being too rare and a pumpkin dish with plastic in it. Ewww! His biggest problem was Jessica not showing him any respect and instead spending most of her time fighting with Elsie. I felt bad for him because I feel like she was being a bitch just because she wasnt on Ralph's team.

In the end, Michael and Ralph were brought up to the balcony before 2 doors. One would open, one would not. He dragged on about how difficult the decision was and how it came down to the percentage of customers who would return. He explained that for Michael's LA style restaurant they had used people from LA, for Ralph's NYC steakhouse, they flew people form NYC. One restaurant had a 90% return rate, however the other had a 94%. It was clear whose restaurant that was as they turned the handles to their doors and Michael's swung open freely while Ralph was stopped in his tracks.

But that wasnt the end. There was family, friends, hugs, kisses, confetti, champagne, the works! Then Ramsey decided he really liked Michael. He didnt want to lose that talent. So he called for quiet and offered Michael the opportunity to move to London and study under Ramsey himself at the most famous restaurant in the world (so famous they didnt even say the name). After a moments consideration Michael accepted.

I have not heard if there will be another season. I sure hope so!
Monday, August 1st, 2005
3:23 pm
Hell's Kitchen
Tonight is the finale of Hell's Kitchen. It is 2 hours, starting at 8 on FOX. You dont wanna miss it! I say Michael will win it. What's your thoughts?
3:08 pm
Saturday's episode was nomination/food night. I have no idea what James is thinking trying to crawl back to the old alliance that is obviously no more. He is only making himself that much more of a target. Its like he is bringing attention to the fact that he deserted Eric and the original group. He needs to stop putting his foot in his mouth.

Howie was completely flabbergasted with trying not to lie to Maggie with him and Rachel in the HOH room. Of course they can promise not to put Maggie up next week, if anyone is smart they would be going after the pairs. Maggie has no pair. Leave her alone for a week or so til its all singletons.

So, James and Kaysar are on the chopping block. Are we surprised? No. If one comes off, its pretty easy to see who to put up in their place. Kaysar comes off, put up Sarah. James comes off, put up Janelle. That is my thought. But if they stay as they are, who will walk out the door? Hmmm... I would say James, he has a partner, plus I think he is getting on a lot of people's nerves and doesnt look very loyal to his team. Kaysar could win this game. Being put up against people making bigger waves than you is a good way to stay in the game.

Food competition was retro'd to the Match Game, which I used to adore watching and still do on Game Show Network. Luckily, every day was won including the special prize which was not edible. It was numbers. To the safe in the gold room. After many attempts the safe was opened to reveal a platter of moldy pb&j sandwiches. EWWW! Okay, it wasnt all bad because in one of them was a PB&J pass that means the holder never has to eat pb&j again. Janelle was the lucky winner! But each week she can choose to give it to someone else and spare them pb&j. Sounds like a good tool to convince people to keep you in the game.

Tomorrow night is Veto.
Friday, July 29th, 2005
3:19 pm
Last night's BB saw Eric walking out the big double doors. It was amusing to see all of Maggie's "friends" vote for her to leave over Eric and all the people that don't like her vote for her to stay. I wonder if she will figure that out. Hmmm...

The official announcement of the pairs came out. I really wanted them to go into more detail about how long and how they knew each other. Since April and Jenn are lying and saying they hardly know each other. I really wanted to see them get busted. And of course Ivette and Beau were busted since they never really fessed up to knowing each other. I wonder how that will play out. And even if April and Jenn stick by their story of "we dont really know each other so we arent a team because we could care less about each other" it still wont fly because you arent seriously going to backstab someone that could potentially win you $1mil. I hope those 2 teams are reamed by the others that trusted them and labeled liars. Even tho that is the name of the game, still they should be seen as less trustworthy than those that came out and said they were together. At least that is how I would feel if I were in the house.

I'm hella impressed with Kaysar stirring things up. He drew the lines in the sand. Everyone is obviously on a side. This is truly a house divided with no one playing the swing vote. However, now that Maggie is HOH (how ironic is that, from chopping block to the top in a *snap*) Kaysar might as well line his neck up with the guillotine. Or should he????

If Maggie is smart she will put up pairs and not Kaysar this week. Why? Because no matter who you put Kaysar against, there is still a majority on his side, so the other person would be leaving, not him. But would putting a pair up be the best thing? hmm..as long as you ensure one of them does not get the Veto, its a perfect plan. Its very tricky this week. If Maggie were to put up say Sarah and James, they both play, each picking someone from their alliance (prolly howie and kaysar), then Maggie and her partner have less of a chance of winning Veto. If one of the 4 from the alliance wins they will take one of them off, but how will they decide which one? And then that person wont go up, but surely one of the other alliance people will. Ex. Kaysar wins, takes off James, Howie goes up against Sarah. Who would the majority vote to keep in?

*squee* This is getting good!!!

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8:56 am
Hey Trish!!! Hurry up and recap BB6. Kayser is in such trouble!!!!
Thursday, July 28th, 2005
2:34 pm
Celebrity Fit Club 2
This weeks episode was minus Jani Lane. No one has any idea what has happened to him. They showed Jackee pretending to be concerned, but later she was just pissed. Everyone is mad at him. Have any of them stopped to wonder if he is okay?

There was a challenge to pull your leader in a rickshaw. Tocorra volunteered to pull it twice since Jani was MIA. Then after doing that, Jackee was still bitching her out about only losing 1lb. Jackee didnt meet her goal either, but I guess its still okay for her to get onto everyone else. During a water workout, Tocorra revealed to Harvey and the Dr. that she was taking diet pills to supress her appetite. She turned the pills over during the weigh-in.

Other than Jani missing, there wasnt much excitement. They showed Harvey going to Jani's hotel room and trying to talk to him, but there was no answer. If he is in a hotel, cant they get a key and get into the room??? Why is no one making a serious effort to determine if he is still alive for goodness sake!? By the end of the show, there was still no sign of him. Even the announcer was unsure if he would return to CFC. Very upsetting. I have been rooting for him. I hope he is okay.

I dont like Jackee.

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9:21 am
Ghost Hunters & Master Blasters
I am so glad Ghost Hunters is back on. This show is so cool. Last season they worked out of a trailer on Jason's property. Now they have an actual office that looks to be in downtown. I love the paintings/pictures they put up in the office. They are all really cool shots of the places they have investigated. Its awesome to see them grow like this. They also got huge vans with equipment bolted into them so they can have a "mobile unit", plus several SUV's for traveling.

And did they need them! They were called by a lady that works at Myrtle Plantation (I think that was the name), a very famous haunted inn in New Orleans. The place was magnificent. The stories were amazing. What was even more incredible was that they actually caught footage of paranormal activity! It was awesome.

After Ghost Hunters was Master Blasters. Its a show where basically amatuers make and launch rockets in a competition. Last night the competition was to make a house with Dorothy on/in it and a witch. The house had to reach the highest altitude, spin at least 3 times, Dorothy and the house had to stay in tact and the witch had to be thrown free. There was a trophy and a bet involved. Losing team had to dress up like Wizard of Oz characters and skip through the field arm in arm.

The Master Blasters won, of course, hehe, but only because they had the highest altitude. Both groups rotated at least 3 times, but neither one were able to prevent their house from crashing to the ground. In both cases the parachute line snapped the houses were destroyed, along with Dorothy and the Witch, heh.

Next week's challenge is Lawn Darts. They are to create 5 rocket lawn darts and then try to launch them and have them hit a target in the field. Should be pretty cool to see!

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
9:31 am
Now that Kaysar is HOH he has been kinda interviewing people to see who thinks who should be on the block this week. The interview with James will be James's downfall. Not only did he deny being in cahoots with Sarah, but he fabricated some bizarre story to cover himself. When that comes out Thursday night, its going to bite him in the ass if he isnt evicted. Kaysar also put Maggie on the block for the simple reason of pissing off Eric. I'm not sure that was too bright, but we shall see. It just seems to me, Kaysar is trying to stir things up more than win the game. He wont last another week unless a) Janelle or Howie get HOH or b) someone else makes themselves a bigger target.

Food competition resulted in PB&J for the week. All because people cant friggin' spell! I know I screw up my spelling sometimes (damn you MS Word), but in school I was in spelling bee's and always top of the class with vocabulary. And its not like people dont ever see these words. Maybe I just watch too much FoodTV, heh.

And the big secret from Ivette came out. She's a lesbian. Big deal!!! Why is she acting like they would immediately send her packing if they knew that??? I dont think any of them are so close-minded or set in the stoneage to view her being a lesbian as some horrible thing that deems her not worthy of playing the game. Its just bizarre. And again with the lying thing, just like with James, when this comes out its going to make her less trustworthy and bite her in ass.

I am very anxious to see how the house is reacting to the nominees. And if Maggie picks Eric as her partner and he wins, what will happen?

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9:19 am
Hell's Kitchen
Last night I almost felt bad for these people. I love to sleep, so seeing them not get any sleep really touched my heart. The final 3 were to make bread on virtually no sleep, then prep and serve dinner to an entire restaurant that, unbeknownst to them, included their families. Jessica did nothing to help with making the bread. She slept and then came out all rested and bubbly wanting to help as they were putting the last tray on the rack. Perfect timing, eh?

Then they had to make a souffle for the challenge. They were shown how, then given a tray of ingredients to make their own personal souffle. Jessica's was terrible. Ralph's didnt look great, but apparently tasted really good. Michael's wasnt sweet enough. In the in, Ralph won his first challenge. But instead of going out with Ramsey to a posh dinner or something extravagant, his reward was to choose the who would be cooking what entree item for their original dinner. Ralph chose beef for himself, Michael chose tuna and Jessica was stuck with chicken. Then they had 10 minutes to come up with an original entree using only what is in the kitchen. Ralph went with filet mignon, Michael a pecan crusted seared tuna steak and Jessica goat cheese stuffed steamed chicken roll up thing.

Then the pressure was on. The families were upstairs so the chef's could not see them. While the starters and entress were going everything was great. Everyone kept the plates moving. Then the desserts started and Jessica lost it. She couldnt figure out how to manage her chicken dinners and her dessert station. Finally, the entrees were complete and Michael was able to help with the desserts. For the first time in HK, an entire restaurant was served all 3 courses and nothing was sent back to the kitchen.

Elimination was chosen by the families. They had been given each dish to taste and then said which one they liked best. After a tearful and happy segment of everyone seeing their loved ones, the hammer started to fall. First up was Ralph's family who unanimously liked Michael's tuna. Next was Jessica's family that split 3 ways (bringing the totals to Michael 4, Ralph 1, Jess 1), Michael's team when 2 beef and 1 tuna. Grand total: Michael 5, Ralph 3, Jess 1. Jessica was sent home with her family.

Now we are down to the 2 guys. IMO, Michael is the obvious winner, but ya never know. Personally, I dont like Ralph and dont want to see him win. Next week's season finale looks to be awesome!

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Friday, July 22nd, 2005
12:03 pm
Last night was eviction night and HOH competition. I was shocked when Eric started talking about how maybe he wanted to keep Michael. WTF? Dude, seriously make up your mind. But obviously, even though everyone seemed to concur that it was a good idea, they all still voted Michael out. All except 1. Hmmm...was that 1 vote Kaysar? Someone else? They didnt show the votes, so we may never know. I gotta say, Kaysar's diary room speil and his goodbye tape to Michael certainly made it sound like her turned on him.

The whole "is everyone okay now" question about the arguments from Julie didnt seem to be *honesly* answered, imo. Everyone gave the generic "oh yeah, we apologized and moved on from it", but I dont feel like they are as buddy buddy as they are acting. Specially when it comes to Ivette and Kaysar. I have a feeling their is still a lot of dislike going on there that will very likely surface again before the show is over.

Kaysar kept track of his nuts...er...coconuts, that is, to win the tie breaker in the HOH competition. Considering he has kinda gotten a raw deal and lotsa standoffishness from the group, this will be a nice break for him. I believe he will most definitely put Eric up, but who will he place in the second chair? Maybe Maggie because that is Eric's partner? Or Ivette because he cant stand her? I dont really care either way, most likely whoever is put up against Eric will go because it seems Eric has lotsa sheep...um...friends in the house. I dont know much about Maggie, she seems quiet, but her fashion sense needs to go. Coming from the person with the least fashion sense in this room (me), that is sad. I really dont care for Ivette. She has the whole "I'm Latin so I can be a bitch" thing going on and just seems too full of herself. I also dont like her teeth.:-P I personally still wanna see Janelle go home because I'm bitter over her Barbie looks.
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
3:24 pm
So You Think You Can Dance
This show premeires tonight 8-10. Its American Idol dance, basically. I'll prolly check it out, but dunno if I will get into the whole series because I really dont know if dance will be as interesting to me as singing. We shall see.
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